How SEO Elements Trigger Search

We love questions from our clients! Not only do we have an opportunity to teach, but we also learn from the process. It’s a win-win for every one involved.

We recently received a great question from one of our SEO web development clients, Jim Lewis of COMSTOR. He asked a great question about basic SERPs.

Here’s the Q&A:

JIM LEWIS: I was googling for film digitizing in Louisville, KY attempting to find a company there that I wanted to call. One of the hits was for BMI Imaging out of Sunnyvale, CA. How do companies get their sites to come up in remote cities?

JOHN ELLIS: That’s a great question. The simple answer is, they published content about that place and that service. The complex answer has to do with SEO and the keywords you used to search.  They got this page to show up here because:

1. It has keywords related to your search
2. Google has determined that the content and structure of the content on this page is good enough to rank nationally for the keywords you entered.
3. There may not be a lot of info on this subject… unknown without research
4. The page has good SEO across the board. It does.

There are many other SEO factors both on and off-page that trigger specific search results such as, your location preferences, and search history personalization. Google continually strives to deliver the most useful and relevant content for your search queries. As publishers on the web, we can fine-tune our on-page content with SEO factors that will deliver relevant content to the world. This is Organic Marketing!— It takes regular production of quality SEO content, publication of that content, and engagement on the web about that content.

We teach a very simple process to all of our clients to rank high in organic search. Typically, you’d craft a static page or pages on your website that talk about the terms you want to rank for. Then you publish a series of blog posts that support that keyword space, linking the term(s) in your posts to the static home page, static service page, and category page on your website. Finally, you share the content on social sites and engage.

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