SEO Site Performance Review

Finding out where your business really stands on the web is the first step to increasing sales. If you have a website and your not really sure what it does for you or if it has any value at all… Our SEO Performance Review is what you need. It’s an investment that can save you thousands.

What’s in it?

Before we start analyzing your site we’ll do a FREE one (1) hour consult to find out more about you and your business. We start all new business relationships this way! Once we’ve talked, we’ll need a week to complete the review which includes:  On-Page SEO Report

SpyFu RECON Report

Market Samurai Competitive Analysis

PID Executive Summary

One (1) Hour Consult


This summary report was crafted for one of our clients. The client implemented just some of the suggestions outlined in this summary. The website went from page 33 to page 3 on Google for the target keyword in just a few weeks.

Why do I need this?

To save money! Seriously…if you’re thinking about building a new website or paying someone to redo the one you have, our SEO performance analysis will tell you what really needs to be done before you spend big bucks. A functional SEO website costs at least $4000. Many sites do not need a complete redo. In fact, many can be revamped with a new design and proper SEO for a lot less than a complete rebuild. Find out what you need before spending thousands on a new site. You Need to Know…Knowing where your business stands on the web is essential. Your website is your business in the 21st century. It is your marketing platform, your first credential, your way to connect with new customers, and so much more. If you’re not using it effectively, you’re missing out. If it’s not built right with SEO and an organized keyword plan… Your customers will never find you on the web. With our SEO Performance Analysis you’ll have all the data you need to make informed decisions about your web presence. Ready to find out where your site really stands and what you need to do to compete? Contact us, let’s start with the Free consult and go from there. Your business will thank you!