DIY websites | Where to start?

One of the questions I get a lot after a presentation is, “I want to build my own website… where do I start?” As a Search Consultant I want to answer with, “Well… where are you at?”… Which usually turns into a long conversation that ends with, “I really have no idea”.

The next question is, “Should I use WordPress?”

The answer is, “Yes.. definitely use WordPress, but that’s not where you start.”

Most business owners have realized they have to have a website these days. Unfortunately, most still have no idea what to do with it once built. That’s why you start with keyword research.

Keyword research is the first thing every business owner needs to understand and do before even thinking about building a website. This research defines the focus of your site and gives you industry insight as to how potential customers search for your product or service on the web.

When you hire a Search Engine Marketing Consultant, this is where they start. Or they should if they know what they are doing. After an initial conversation and review of your business, an SEO consultant’s first task is to define the keyword space by researching the keywords your potential customers use to find your services or products.  

This is not optional. Building a website without keyword research is a waste of time and money. Websites must be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) or they can’t compete on the web. Lack of Search Engine Optimization is the main reason most business sites don’t rank or do anything for their owners.

So… where do you start…? You start with understanding keyword research and Search Engine Optimization.

There are two “guides” that I recommend to all of my clients. The first is the SEOMOZ Beginners Guide to SEO. This is a comprehensive guide to how the web works and why SEO is essential. The SEOMOZ team has done a fantastic job of breaking it down for you in an easy to read and beautifully formatted web guide.

The second place you should go is This site is the brainchild of Ed Dale and the Noble Samurai team. Go to the site, click on, “Member Access”. You do not need to register. Go to the training section and start learning.

Ed and the gang developed Market Samurai, one of the best keyword research tools out there. A lot of Search Consultants use this software… I’m one of them. It’s the best bang for the buck. Price wise it does more than anything else in the same range. In fact, Market Samurai competes with some of the enterprise level search tools but is priced for the DIY or small biz crowd. Bottom Line Learn about SEO and keyword research before you start building your website. It will change your perspective, and your focus. It’s also the difference between a waste of space on the web and a functional productive business site that actually works for you.

Overwhelmed.. need help? Well… that’s what I’m here for. I offer a free one hour consult because I understand small business owners. I am one. You need this. You need it for your business to be successful.. but you don’t have the time to learn it. Connect with me. Let’s see what we can build together.

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