Google Authorship

What it Means for Your Business

In recent months, you may have noticed profile pictures showing up in your search results. Google is now displaying author information to help users discover great content. These “rich snippets” results (see below) are made possible through Google Authorship markup and can easily be setup by creating a Google+ profile and linking to your website.

So what does Google Authorship mean for your business? Besides giving your business a rich visual advantage in the search engine results, you’re also letting Google know the content you’ve created is yours and you should get the author credit. Still wondering why Google Authorship matters to your business? Authorship influences page rank, which influences where your business shows up in the search engines. Google can now verify the author of a website, which gives business owners the following advantage: Authored links, written by real human beings that Google has verified, will be given more trust and ultimately more authority in the search engines.

What do business owners need to do?

  1. Create a Google+ profile – Be sure to take advantage of every field to share the very best about your business.
  2. Verify your Google+ email – Go to, sign up with your email and click on the verification link.
  3. Link from your Google+ profile to your content – On the right side of the “About” page of your Google+ profile, there is a place to add “Contributor to” links. These links should be your author bio page or actual post URLs.
  4. Link from your content to your Google+ profile  – AuthorSure makes it easy to implement Google’s authorship markup on your WordPress site. If you’re working on another content management system, contact your web developer.
  5. Verify Google Authorship – Use Google’s rich snippet testing tool and see how your authored links display in search engines.

From a Small Business Search Engine Marketing perspective… this one is a No Brainer! Start building your author rank today and keep blogging. Not sure what else you need? We can help. Contact PID today for a Free one (1) hour consult. Authorship is one small part of the SEO puzzle. Turn your website into a high performance professional web presence with Search Engine Marketing Consulting by Portland Internet Design

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