Search Engine Marketing Consulting

What is search engine marketing consulting?

Search Engine Marketing Consulting is the best way to figure out what you need to do before spending money on web development or marketing. To compete and be successful on the web, you have to understand the big picture. Your website is the most important component of a very complex machine. Every piece of your business on the web has to work in sync with the rest or it won’t perform for you.

The forest not the trees

Our job as your search consultant is to look at EVERYTHING, not just the pieces. Web designers and search marketers are usually focused on the pieces, i.e. your website or marketing campaign. Both have to work together along with the rest of your web presence to be effective. At Portland Internet Design, we look at it all, determine what needs to be done, and craft a long-term plan to grow your business on the web.

Everyone claims “expertise”

There are plenty of consultants, designers, and marketers who talk a big game and produce few results. Most lack experience and focus on what they know or can do best. Many pay for expensive marketing “machines” that semi-automate the hard work, diluting the value of the effort. At Portland Internet Design, we use software to provide data and then craft your campaign by hand to ensure the highest quality and maximum ROI. Knowing what to do and doing it right takes experience, time, and plain old hard work.

A custom solution

With your keyword space defined and web presence analyzed, we’re ready to rock. Your web presence IS your business in the 21st century. Growing that presence is a long term investment. We’ll work with you to invest the right amount in the right ways to grow your business as fast as possible within your budget.