High Performance SEO Web Development


It’s a competition, not a playground

The web is a competitive place. For business owners, it’s a race to Page One of Google for every keyword relevant and valuable to your business. Your website must be built to perform or it won’t do anything for you. A site built without SEO is worthless and expensive to market effectively. Our High Performance Websites give you the SEO foundation needed to compete on the web today. 

Performance starts with Keyword Research

Our High Performance Web Development process starts with an in-depth conversation. We need to understand your industry and your business. Armed with this info, we begin extensive keyword research to find the highest searched, lowest competition keywords that work best for you and your industry. These keywords are the core of your website and the focus of your ongoing marketing.

A solid and scalable foundation

By focusing your site pages and content around niche keywords, you will move up in rank faster. Higher rank = more customers. Your website is in a race with every competitor for every industry relevant keyword in the U.S., even if you’re a local-only business. Our High Performance Web Sites are designed to rank fast and out-perform your competitors.

Content is king

Well written Search Engine Optimized Content is essential for ranking. We act as your publishing editor for all site copy. You write it, we’ll edit. If you do not have time to write, we can do it all. Your content has to be awesome and completely optimized for maximum value on the web. It’s what Google wants above all else.


WordPress Rocks!

High Performance Web Development requires a powerful, scalable, and stable content platform. WordPress is the answer. We use WordPress for all of our clients and internal development. From micro-sites to multi-domain robust ecoms, WordPress is powerful enough to handle anything, and offers more functionality than any other platform.

Professional Themes

Our high performance websites are built using one of three premium developer themes: Thesis, Genesis, or Roots. There are thousands of free theme options for WordPress. Unfortunately, 99% of them lack the right SEO functionalities and code to deliver high performance on the web. We use a select set of Premium Development themes as a framework for your site functions and design. Our selection is based on your industry and functional site requirements.

A fine tuned machine

Premium frameworks demand premium functions. We use a select set of premium plugins and code to develop all site functions. Home page sliders, custom post types, and other functions all start with premium code selections and are then customized to meet your needs. We maintain and continually modify your site code to stay up-to-date with the latest web guidelines and performance enhancements.


A credible web presence

The look and feel of your website is critical to converting visitors into customers. If your site design is more than 3 years old, it’s outdated by today’s web standards. Our designs start with a select premium theme. We work with your logo and color palette to customize the design for your business. No logo, no problem, we’ll take care of that too. Our designs are fresh, market focused, and effectively blend your business identity with modern web elements.

Custom conversion elements

Once the overall look and feel of your site has been determined, we craft design elements for conversion. This is the most overlooked and undervalued aspect of site design. Typography, calls to action, badges, bursts… these are all part of the conversion process. If the design does not encourage potential customers to take action, they won’t. We craft each page for maximum conversion potential and the best user experience.

Designed to sell

Every aspect of your site design affects customer retention and conversion (sales). Each piece of your site framework, from core code to design has to work together and be 100% Search Engine Optimized to compete. As we craft your new web presence, we make certain that every aspect of the final product works with the rest to provide the highest performance and best ranking possible at launch.


Consulting and Training

We are a full service Web Development and Search Marketing firm. We’ll discuss what you need to do after your new site goes live and offer ongoing consulting and search marketing plans to meet your sales goals and budget. Building a high performance website is the first step, marketing is next. Websites cannot drive sales without marketing. We can show you how, or do it for you. Either way, it has to happen.

No hostages

As we near the launch of your new website, we’ll teach you how to use it. Our contracts include 2 hours of site training. We’ll show you how it works, how to blog, and anything else you’d like to know about it. It’s your site, your property, your business. We retain no ownership and do not hold you hostage with regard to site changes.


The web changes every second. WordPress, Themes, and plugins are always being updated to meet the latest code or SEO best practices. We’ll take care of that after launch with a monthly maintenance agreement. Our standard maintenance contract is $50 / month. This includes monthly updates to all code, 30 minutes of dev time for small changes, and weekly site backups.


Are you ready?

If you want to grow your business, your website is the key to making it happen. Build it right and it will work hard for you. Build it wrong, it will do nothing. There are thousands of “design” and “development” companies out there. The vast majority do not use keyword research, developer frameworks, or premium code. Consequently, they charge a lot less,… and you get what you pay for.

A long term investment

The quality of your site affects everything from Google PageRank to marketing costs. High Performance Web development is a long term investment in your business. The finely tuned machine we craft and maintain will work hard for you as your business grows and changes with the web. With a custom design that converts, complete search engine optimization, and quality content, your website is the most valuable asset you have.

The Price

High Performance Development starts at $5k. Our flagship build has everything your business needs to build rank, grow traffic, and convert leads into customers. Need an ecom, private community, or custom function?…OK. There are no limits on the web. Whatever it is, we make it happen.

Take action… it’s free

We start every new relationship with a free one (1) hour consult. We can discuss anything you’d like from your current web presence to basic SEO questions. It’s your time and we’re all ears. If you like what we have to say, we’ll draft a proposal. We build web investments for business. Let’s work together and build one for you.