The Modern Brand: Transparent Branding

Embrace the modern brand, the transparent brand, the human brand.

o say that Google+ is simply a social media platform would not only undersell its value, but it would be a lie. Brands do not simply advertise. Google+ offers business owners, writers, artists, musicians – anyone with motivation and a willingness to engage – the opportunity to form personal and business connections with people all over […]

Procrastination has no Place Here

We all suffer from Procrastination. But if you want to be a successful Writer on the Web, it's simply not acceptable. See why.

We left off with the idea that the more time a writer spends using the web, the easier it’ll be to use. But that is not the only thing that’s likely to happen. The more time you spend on the web in your G+ account, the more you’ll realize you need to be there to […]

WWW-This Massive New World

The Web isn't just a bunch of nuts and bolts. It creates a beautiful space primed for Writers.

To have a presence on the web today a person has to either be a writer or hire a writer. The days of funky, poor, grammatically incorrect, inaccurately expressed writing on the internet are over—or soon over. This puts content production directly on the shoulders of authors. Writers, rejoice! But many writers are not learning […]

An Introduction: The Web was made for Writers

Don't fear the Technology at hand, learn how to use it to your advantage.

very year I volunteer at the Willamette Writer’s conference held in Portland, Oregon, helping other writers with their pitches and providing manuscript ER. It’s a great opportunity for me to give back to Willamette Writers, and I love to help writers fine-tune their work. That’s the giving piece. Then there’s the receiving piece. Who might […]

Websites and Race Cars

*Note: Don’t forget that you have the option to switch the video to HD for better quality. [VIDEO TRANSCRIPT] Hey, everybody. John with Portland Internet Design. I’m going to talk today about websites and race cars, because they are very similar, believe it or not. I’m going to tell you why. The web today is […]

Google’s Chromecast vs. Apple TV


At only $35, Chromecast (previously referenced as Chrome Key… Chrome Key=Chromecast) seems like an easy buy. And for many people it was. But for others, us second guessers, we are wondering, “What does the Chromecast offer, aside from the fantastic low price, that the Apple TV doesn’t?” At $99 the Apple TV now seems way […]

Web Warrior Series at WWC 2013


Video Transcript Hi. John Ellis with Portland Internet Design, and I am so excited to be presenting at the Willamette Writers Conference this August. At last year’s conference I did a presentation called “The Web Was Made For Writers.” It was really long because I tried to cover way too many things in one presentation. […]

SEO Insights: Rethinking College

As tempting as the chicken costume is, maybe you should skip the college degree and thousands of dollars of debt: consider a career in SEO...

In the words of the genius Peter Griffin,  When I’m left with this false hope leaving college with a Bachelor’s Degree that that’s all I need to become a successful, self-sufficient employee. I’m calling Bullshit and here’s why: I have been learning the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for over a year now, only […]